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Defoaming masterbatch also known as desiccant masterbatch or suction masterbatch, the appearance is off-white granules. It is a new kind of functional masterbatch that solve the moisture problem. It can absorb the moisture strongly in the plastic, eliminating the bubbles, crack, speckle and other questions caused by moisture. Defoaming masterbatch is no harmful for physical and mechanical properties, and ensure the product quality and yield, improve the sound field efficiency and reduce consumption.
(b) Product Features:
(1) The plastic raw material no need the drying process any more.
(2) It can absorb the water equivalent of 20% of its own weight.
(3)You can use the ordinary equipment and no need to change the processing technic.
(4) It is non-toxic tasteless, non-corrosive and harmless to humans.
(5)It can improve the mechanics property and appearance of plastic products largely.
(6) It helps to reduce the costs and increase profits.
(c) Use method and proportion:
Mixing with the raw materials until they are combined well, adding amount is within 8%. (According to the moisture of raw material to regulate the adding ratio, for example. if the moisture content of raw materials out of requirement, we need to make these material drying until up to the standard and then add this products mixing uniformity.)
(d) Packaging and Storage:
Outer packing with carton, 25kg net weight each (inside with 5 little vacuum bags. 5kg net weight each)
(e) Caution:
(1).The mixed masterbatch with raw materials and plastic must be used up within eight hours. Otherwise, the desiccant masterbatch may lose efficiency because of absorbing the moisture in the air, and it is likely to cause the phenomenon of plugging the filter.
(2)Store in cool, dry and ventilated place. Don’t allow to put it in the opening condition. After opening the package, the left masterbatch should be sealed immediately to keep dry. Avoid exposure it to the sun directly as well as heat source and humidity.

Item No. Density volatility MFI Typical Addition % w/w Appearance
YH-1 1.8+1g/cm3 ≤1.5% 15-25g/10min 8% offwhite
YH-1T 1.8+1g/cm3 ≤1.5% 17-30g/10min 8% offwhite
YH-2 1.6+1g/cm3 ≤1.2% 16-26g/10min 8% offwhite
YH-2T 1.6+1g/cm3 ≤1.2% 18-31g/10min 8% offwhite
YH-3 1.4+1g/cm3 ≤1% 14-24g/10min 8% white
YH-3T 1.4+1g/cm3 ≤1% 16-29g/10min 8% white
YH-4 1.2+1g/cm3 ≤0.9% 12-22g/10min 8% white
YH-4T 1.2+1g/cm3 ≤0.9% 14-27g/10min 8% white

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