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As one of the most professional black masterbatch producer in China, it is our priority to ensure our quality. Thus, we apply strict standards in the purchase of raw materials and do our best to control the stability of the processing technology.
A)Raw materials examination:
Raw materials to be examined for its physical property like volatiles, migration resistance, heat resistance and color shade etc. We have established a mechanism to better choose the raw materials and to control the quality from the very start. Only the most superior grades of plastic raw materials are carefully selected and used.

B)The examination procedures of the final products:
1) Examination during the process: every product, right after putting into production, must have an initial on-site quality examination, only by passing it can we continue the production. During the manufacturing process, we applied the “Isometric-time Sampling Method” to examine the products from the auto-production lines at a regular interval. If there’s any problem, we solve it as soon as possible to prevent the unqualified product from going onto the next chain of production.
2) Final examination: the QC Department examines and assesses all the specifications of the products, only the qualified can proceed to the market.

3)The essential inspection instruments to test our black masterbatch to ensure high consistency in product quality.

1.Blowing film machine (to test the dispersion); 2.Injection molding machine (to test the blackness )
3.Melting flow rate apparatus (to test the melting flow index) 4.Muffle furnace (to test the filler content )
5. Electric blast drying oven (to test the moisture)   


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